Employee Training

ShurClean, LLC is a full service commercial cleaning company. As such, we clean many different types of facilties. But cleaning a high school is different than cleaning a high rise office building. While some cleaning tasks are fairly standard, the production targets, cleaning chemicals, and equipment used vary from job to job. Being able to successfully meet these varying requirements is the result of proper training of employees. We utilize a continuing multi-level approach to training our employees. It is fairly typical in our industy to hire people with little or no experience. Therefore we assume that all our new hires need to be educated from the ground up. This means that regardless what cleaning experience they come to us with - we train them our way - the right way to do their jobs.

Phase I - Basic Cleaner Training

Similar in purpose to basic military training, basic cleaner training is designed to give a new employee the basic skills needed to enter the cleaning profession. This four hour class covers vacuuming, dusting, trash removal and restroom cleaning, as well as a review of employees workrules, cleaning chemical orientation, MSDS, safety on the job including proper lifting procedures, ergonomics and safety equipment.

Phase II - In Service Training

This training occurs on the job at the worksite that the new employee has been assigned to. Training is typically conducted by the on-site ShurClean, LLC manager or supervisor. The new cleaner leaves basic training and the classroom having mastered the theory of cleaning. In Phase II, we see that they master the practice of cleaning. Each employee must complete a skill map certification to the satisfaction of their supervisor. The skill map consists of more than 50 cleaning tasks that the new cleaner must demonstrate competence in, in order to become certified. Once complete, they earn the title of “Certified CLeaner”. Our goal is to have every cleaner attain this designation within the first 90 days of employment.

Phase III - Supervisor Training

At ShurClean, LLC we like to promote from within. There are many good reasons for doing this, but the best reason is that it keeps employees motivated. When a new cleaner sees another more experienced worker get promoted, it sets the example for what they can achieve with a little dedication. Most of our supervisors have worked their way up starting as general cleaners. We are always looking for the qualities in our cleaners that we think will make them good supervisors. When we identify these individuals, we ask them to enroll in our supervisory training program. This six week program teaches them how to understand and manage labor and supply budgets, how to deal with and discipline problem employees, how to document poor performance, and how to interact with customers.
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